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Human Rights Organization(An International Organization) is a non Profit, non governmental, secular, registered organization.International office at USA, Head office is situated at New Delhi, Regional Office Chennai, Tamil Nadu,India and Secretariat is situated at Madurai, Tamil Nadu,India. It was established on 10th December 2000 with A VISION TO PRILIMINARY WORK TOWARDS GREATER REALIZATIONS OF SOCIAL JUSTICE. The organization is founded to provide awareness among the deprived sections community of their rights and protect Human Rights. We will always be on the side of victims of Human Rights Violations, the poor, the women and the oppressed, without fear or favor. Our mandate is shined in the Indian Government. Our organization has more than 17,000 branches all over in India. In Member,s Only For Tamilnadu.Apx 25,00,000 Lacks  Member;s Our Organization. as well as in United states.

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Justice P.N.Bagawathi (Member,U.N.Human Rights Commission,Geneva), Shri.D.R.KarthiKeyan, (Fr.CBI Director,New Delhi) Justice.S.Mohan, Justice. S.Natarajan, Justice.K.M.Natarajan, are the legal advicors to our Organization.

Our organization publishing a monthly magazine in the name of HUMAN RIGHTS International,We are Started Rights Channel HD. Satellite Tamil Channel Lunched More Then 160 Country.

Our Organization has 30 wings to create awareness on nook and corner of the world. The wings are Press wing, Youth Wing, Women's wing, Agricultural wing, Blood Donors wing, Commando wing, Cultural wing, Doctors wing, Donors wing, Education wing, Engineers wing, Environmental wing, Fishermen wing, Government Employees wing, Green Revolution Project wing, Investigation wing, Labour wing, Legal wing, Medical wing, Private Employees wing, Self Help group, Sports wing, Students wing, Traders wing and Transport wing etc.

So far we have conducted Seven National Level Conferences. The 1st conference at Madurai, Tamil Nadu on 10th December 2001, the 2nd conference at Salem, Tamil Nadu on 10th December 2002, the 3rd conference at Pondicherry on 14th December 2003, the 4th Conference at Erode, Tamil Nadu on 12th December 2004, the 5th Conference at Trichy , Tamil Nadu and the 6th Conference at Triupur Dt, Tamil Nadu on 10th December 2006 and 7th conference at Dindgul Dt, Tamil Nadu on 17th December 2007 successfully.28th December2008 8th Conference At Kovai Tamilnadu,28th December 2009 9th Conference At Tanjavor Tamilnadu ,30th Jaunvry 2011 At Karur Tamilnadu,11th National Conferences Ramanathapuram,Tamilnadu,,18.12,2011,India.Succeed coming soon
12th National Conferences At Thiruvarur 2012...!
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UNITED NATIONS Reorganized Our Organization UN.NGO Team.

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